LET’S GET TO IT Special Edition CD


Catalogue No: KYLIE 4     Release Date: 9th February

The SPECIAL EDITION CD includes eight bonus tracks: Keep On Pumpin’ It, Kylie’s classic underground club collaboration with Visionmasters & Tony King, plus B-sides and essential 12″ mixes. The Special Edition features unique picture CD artwork and a 24-page booklet containing full lyrics, new sleeve notes and classic images.

LET’S GET TO IT is reissued together with Kylie’s previous three PWL albums, Kylie (1988), Enjoy Yourself (1989) and Rhythm Of Love (1990). We’re very proud to step back in time and celebrate these classic records and the early years of Kylie’s music career.


1. Word Is Out
2. Give Me Just A Little More Time
3. Too Much Of A Good Thing
4. Finer Feelings
5. If You Were With Me Now
6. Let’s Get To It
7. Right Here, Right Now
8. Live And Learn
9. No World Without You
10. I Guess I Like It Like That


11. Say The Word – I’ll Be There
12. Do You Dare? (NRG Edit)
13. Closer (Edit)
14. Keep On Pumpin’ It (Angelic Remix Edit)
15. Word Is Out (Extended Version)
16. If You Were With Me Now (Extended Version)
17. Give Me Just A Little More Time (Extended Version)
18. Finer Feelings (Brothers In Rhythm 12″ Mix)

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