Pete Waterman to put £1 million model railway collection on sale in Mayfair



CATLEb3WwAA4CHAThe Pete Waterman Train Auction will see £1m worth of the finest scratch-built model trains from the pop mogul’s collection go to auction at Mallett of Mayfair in London on April 16. Specialist auctioneers Dreweatt’s will conduct the sale of what is said to be the ‘Fabergé Eggs’ of the model locomotives world, including, “the finest model ever built,” the Beyer Goods, valued between £100,000-120,000. The Pop extraordinaire reflected on his beloved hobby of train collection, “When you live in a council house and these things go past your door, it’s your first encounter with beauty. There were people sitting with white tablecloths and table lamps having dinner. It was magical. Think of the contrast: we didn’t even have glass in the windows at home.”


In addition to creating some of the biggest careers in the music world, Pete has also carved out a distinguished role for himself in the world of train modelling and railway preservation over the past 50 years. As the world’s leading collector, he has committed limitless sums to his interest, championing the best modelling talents in the same way that Renaissance patrons funded the most talented artists of their time. The Pete Waterman Train auction will see these outstanding pieces sold in order to raise enough money to secure the future of his cherished Waterman Railway Heritage Trust, which holds his collection of full-size steam engines, housed at sites around the country.  “These full-size engines won’t be back in steam for ten years. I’m 68 now and this is probably the last chance I will have to restore the engines held by the trust, so I’m making sure there is enough money in ten years’ time to continue the job,” he explains.

Pete has revealed some of the other famous names who share his passion for collecting including Jools Holland, Chris Evans, Roger Daltrey, Rod Stewart. “It’s great when you meet up though. Model trains are an interesting calling card and give you a break from the music to have something else to talk about.”The remaining 90% of Waterman’s collection is of almost incalculable value. It will never be sold, making this a unique opportunity to acquire objects of this calibre. Waterman sees them primarily as works of art. Dreweatts will conduct the sale on the premises at Mallett of Dover Street, Mayfair, bringing the ultimate prizes in the world of modelling to the magnificent setting of the former London palace of the Bishop of Ely.

You can view the auction catalog here or in video format here

For any more information, please contact us

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DONNA SUMMERS’ ‘Another Place & Time’ to participate with RECORD STORE DAY 2015


AS PART OF UK RECORD STORE DAY 2015, in conjunction with Bruce Sudano, Crimson Records has produced an exclusive edition of ‘Another Place And Time – ‘The UK 12” Singles’, which is to be released on the Driven By The Music label.

The Deluxe Edition consists the FIVE original UK 12” Singles released from the album, in their track configuration, pressed on coloured white vinyl, packaged in LP sleeves with 3mm spines and all housed in a stunning rigid outer box.


Record 1
A: This Time I Know It’s For Real (Extended Version) 7.21
B1: Whatever Your Heart Desires 3.50
B2: This Time I Know It’s For Real (Instrumental) 3.39

Record 2
A: I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (Extended Version) 6.58
B1: I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (Instrumental) 4.45
B2: Dinner With Gershwin (Album Version) 4.37

Record 3
A: Love’s About To Change My Heart (Extended Version) 6.19
B1: Love’s About To Change My Heart (Instrumental) 5.13
B2: Jeremy (Album Version) 4.36

Record 4
A: When Love Takes Over You (Dave Ford – Extended Version) 6.13
B1: When Love Takes Over You (Dave Ford – Instrumental) 3.37
B2: Bad Reputation (Album Version) 4.08

Record 5
A: Breakaway (Remix – Full Version) 6.45
B1: Breakaway (Remix – Edit) 3.37
B2: Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (Album Version) 4.19

Find them here

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We asked our Facebook & Twitter fans to review the recent Kylie Minogue re-issues, either the Special Edition’s, Deluxe Edition’s or Collector’s Edition’s of any of her first 4 PWL albums – ‘Kylie’, ‘Enjoy Yourself’, ‘Rhythm Of Love’ and ‘Let’s Get To It’. Here are some lovely words to describe their #StepBackInTime.

‘I ordered all formats twice, one to use and one to keep in mint condition. My collector’s editions were the first ones I opened and I could not contain my excitement!
Everything about these re-issues is spot on. You can feel the quality of the materials, not just see it. The booklets are stunning, from the photographs to the fonts used and the posters and postcards are just beautiful. It’s like receiving your Kylie fan club pack all over again!
The audio quality is pristine! I’ve been able to hear sounds I never noticed before, it was like listening to the albums for the first time. In particular, I was totally blown away with the WDIHTD (Sax on the Beach Mix) as I had never heard that particular mix before now.
I was a little worried that the DVD promos wouldn’t be up to scratch but I was so wrong! PUP Ltd. have done an amazing job, it really is like seeing the video’s for the very first time. They are full of color, pristine sounds and pristine pictures but my highlight of the re-issues is seeing the BBC footage as the quality is flawless. Kylie has never looked and sounded so good!
You can tell a lot of love and hard work have gone into these re-issues and anyone thinking of buying these packages simply MUST!
I’m a music collector and have many box sets but these really are superior to anything I own.’
– Darren Summer

‘I think the sound is fantastic, the artwork is brilliant and looks stunning! What more could you ask for?’
– Terry Marsh 

“‘I wanna FUNK, wanna FUNK, wanna F-F-U-F-U-N-K…’
Hearing those works blasting out the speakers, in their full re-mastered glory, was like heaven to my ears! Never ‘in my imagination’, would I have believed that 27 years after the release of ‘KYLIE’ would I feel the excitement and anticipation I did as a 16 year old.
I’ve heard and read many people say these box sets are overpriced and I’m sorry, but that is nonsense- these boxes are hiding some beautiful Kylie treasures. My first thought was WOW! Seeing the covers of these iconic albums, I was taken back to those magical STOCK AITKEN WATERMAN days all over again.
They include a stunning picture disc displaying the album artwork, housed in a simple but stylish cover, a large glossy poster from each era, a stunning book filled with pictures and background to each album and a 3 x CD/DVD combination that also included a bundle of postcards that once again transports you back to your youth.
The sound quality of the CD’s are perfect and only bettered by the DVDs (at last I have a perfect quality version of ‘Especially For You’!)
The CD bonus discs contain some perfect Kylie treasures from all of our favourite SAW remix legends! Yes, a lot of these have been released in one format or another, but never before have they been included with the original albums and that does my Kylie OCD the world of good!
Thank you Kylie, Mike Stock, Matt Aitken & Pete Waterman for taking me back to where my love for music and SAW/PWL began, with the opening beats of ‘I Should Be So Lucky’!”
– Julian Clift 

Martin Harrison

‘I have been fortunate to get my hands on all 4 x collectors and Special edition Kylie reissues (Deluxe are next) and can honestly say that I absolutely love them.
The sound quality on both the CD’s and DVD’s are wonderful – they sound crisper & clearer. 
The DVD’s are stunning, the music videos and extra footage are a feast upon the eyes and a pleasure to watch in their re-mastered condition.
The artwork, presentation, booklets & postcards in the collector’s editions are breathtaking and I would recommend any Kylie/PWL fan to purchase these for their collection!’
– Martin Harrison

‘As I carefully unpacked my collector’s editions, I began to relive my adolescence once again – I can’t begin to explain how beautiful each of the boxes are! It’s like 4 different time capsules, with so much inside, a treasure trove of beautiful objects that bring back so many memories! They now have pride of place in my Kylie Kollection!’
– Daniel Langrish 

Matt Parry

Finally RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW, it’s my turn to get these beauties in my hands, I was SHOCKED to see how much detail was put in and I WOULDN’T CHANGE A THING about the sound quality!
– Matt Parry 

‘”In my imagination… I dream about you all the time
And that’s exactly what these gorgeous and stunning collectors’ editions are – a dream come true!
They are like a time capsule and a time machine transporting me back to when I first heard each respective album and a soundtrack bringing back so many fantastic memories.
These editions have been so lovingly put together and are extensive and beautifully made. Lavish booklets with gorgeous photographs & liner notes, gorgeous picture discs and fantastic postcards – all housed in a beautiful box to treasure forever.
The sound quality is amazing – the re-mastering is perfect making each song sound fresh and alive.
The videos are stunning and have never looked so good! The bonus content of interviews and the BBC archive performances are a sheer delight (it’s a joy to see these BBC TV appearances on each set and who can forget the fantastic performance of ‘Especially For you’ from Wogan)
I highly recommend these collectors editions – they are timeless and as you listen to ‘the sound of a bright young Britain’ you will ‘Step Back In Time’
Thank you PWL for making a dream come true – we are very ‘lucky lucky lucky”
– Steven Lancaster 

Have you been convinced? – Visit our STORE

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JULY 29, 2015



As one of the most prolific music moguls of a generation, the original hit man behind more than 100 Top 40 UK Hits and 40 Million records, Pete Waterman, will now take center stage as his career is celebrated through the Life In Song Series at London’s Royal Festival Hall on 29th July 2015.

Very special guest artists will take to the stage to pay tribute to the music and the man himself; expect new interpretations and a few surprises along the way! The artists will be announced in due course.

Following such luminaries as Sir Tim Rice and Don Black, the latest in the series will also see veteran TV figure, Michael Grade, host and interview Pete live on stage throughout the show to provide a never before seen insight into his legendary and fascinating career.

Grade will look into his career and the huge influence on the music industry he has had and whose Hit Factory defined the sound of a generation. You’ll hear anecdotes about his career, careers he has been involved in such as Kylie Minogue, Donna Summer, Jason Donovan, Bananarama, Steps and many more.

“Little did I think when I visited London as a child from Coventry that one day I would appear at the Festival Hall – not bad for a boy who left school unable to read or write!” – Pete Waterman


Tickets priced at £35-£50

Press Contact
Dan Deacon – Deacon Communications Limited

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PWL Studios Website Now Live


PWL Studios now has an official website where  you can find out what the studio team are currently up to and see what services we offer. They aim to give you an insight into the way they make music and the equipment they use both today and over the last 30 years.

DSC_1867They have information on PWL history and equipment (such as the famous Linn Drum) as well as gear reviews (like this one on the Neumann TLM107) and photos of the gorgeous new live room and control room.

For more insights, you can follow them on twitter!


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PWL & Cherry Red Records #StepBackInTime with KYLIE




By popular demand, PWL and Cherry Red Records are delighted to reissue the princess of pop’s first 4 studio albums, ‘KYLIE‘, ‘Enjoy Yourself‘, ‘Rhythm Of Love‘ & ‘Let’s Get To It‘. They have been digitally remastered from the original studio tape’s and this reissue marks the very first time the album has been back in print in the UK since its original release.

They are available to buy now both online with us Amazon and in HMV stores across the UK [please contact your local store directly to inquire]

They are available in two limited editions:

  • The Deluxe Edition of each album sees it comprehensively expanded on two CDs and DVD. Presented in a special clamshell box, with discs housed in individual deluxe card sleeves together with a 32-page booklet containing classic images, full lyrics and new sleeve notes. Each album has a second CD of rare tracks and remixes, several previously unavailable on CD in the UK and included alongside a DVD of all the classic promo videos, restored and remastered for the very first time.
  • A limited pressing Collector’s Edition is also available for each album. This lavish, heirloom-quality LP-size box set is the ultimate must-have item for the dedicated fan and contains:

o  A unique picture disc vinyl LP of the original album in a special die-cut cover.

o  A remastered and expanded 2CD and DVD set in individual deluxe card sleeves and a special slipcase.

o  A souvenir fold-out poster and set of six memorabilia postcards.

o  An outsized 48-page book containing many classic images, discography, full lyrics and new sleeve notes.

We would like to clarify that the four Kylie Minogue Collector’s Editions are limited to this first and only manufacture. There will be no further pressing of any of our strictly limited Collector’s Editions so once this first run are gone, they really are gone.

We hope that you enjoy your all your reissues as much as we enjoyed putting them together!


#StepBackInTime with us and share your photos and memories with us across TwitterFacebook & Instagram.

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